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2.4GHz Digital Video Sender new!

Model Number: DAV-2450

  • Wireless signal transmission with security ID coded to ensure total privacy.
  • More than 80 channels coverage via hopping mode for CCTV utilization.
  • 1000 feet Line-of-Sight long range transmission.
  • Crystal clear D1 video resolution with high frame-per-second rate.
  • Support both NTSC/PAL video format.



    • High D1 resolution transmits crystal clear video without messy cables.
    • High photo frame rate brings smooth wireless video reception.
    • Security ID coded communication ensures privacy.
    • Digital wireless technology avoid interference.
    • Lenient CE/FCC regulation under wireless digital transmission secures practical range under legality.
    • Simple and quick installations enable DIY market.
    • Video can be recorded remotely via external device connection with receiver.
    • Worldwide PAL/NTSC video format is applicable.

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