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Solar Power Recharger Kit (ASP-4000)

Model Number: ASP-4000

  • Provide free, renewable power to portable electronic devices.
  • Recharge power to vehicle, camper, or boat in remote areas.
  • 40 watt battery provide long, lasting power to personal electronic devices.
  • Foldable solar panel design for easy carrying in outdoor environment.
  • Money saving on energy bills.

    DC to AC Inverter (100W, for home-use electric equipment)

    Spec Item Products

    100 V -120V

    200 V - 240V

    (L) 8.3 x (W) 6.3 x (H) 3.8 cm
    (L) 3.3 x (W) 2.5 x (H) 1.5 in

    DC input voltage
    12 V
    Operation voltage
    AC output voltage
    100V ~ 120V
    200V ~ 240V

    0.2 Kg/0.44 lb

    Car Lighter Plug


    Output: (1) 12V/2A

    (2) 5V/1A(USB)

    Applicable to charge lithium battery using power from car alternator/battery when sunshine is not available.The plug is to be connected for use with our standard accessory "Double-plug-ending connecting wire". (
    This application does not consume extra power from car alternator/battery.)

    Positrive (+)/negative (-) - Battery Leading Wire (1 pc)


    (1)DC 55 x 2.0F TO battery clamps
    (2) Leading wire in 20cm/7.9 in length

    Used as connecting wire to charge automative battery.

    Double-plug-Ending Connecting Wire (1 pc)


    Length: 150 cm / 59.1 in DC PLUG 5.5 x 2.0 M/M Wire: 20AWG x 2CUsed as extension connecting wire between MPPT quick-charging controller and either lithium battery, car battery or car lighter plug


    Lithium Battery (with USB Port)

    40W iSolar can charge 2 pcs of 12V / 8Ah lithium battery fully un der 8-10 hours of full sunshine. Preparing 1~2 extra lithium batteries is suggest for convenient use of more electronic componenets and longer usage time during night time.

    Spec ItemSpecification
    Type of BatteryLi-Polymer

    (L) 6 x (W) 4 x (H) 13 cm
    /(L)2.4 x (W) 1,6 x (H) 5.1 in

    Weight0.6 kg / 1.32 lb
    Voltage:Input voltage: 12~14V Output voltage: 12V & 5V.
    Remarks:(5V USB port is applicable to direct power charge to all kinds of 5V electronic componenets, such as cell phone, MP3, GPS etc.)

    Bike-use Solar Panel Holder


    Dimensions: (L) 50x (W) 57 x(H) 8 cm / (L) 19.7 x (W) 22.4x (H) 3.2 in

    Weight: 2 kg (4.41 lb)

    Lays lithium battery, MPPT quick-charing controller into the nylon bag attached to the seat post tube.
    Solar panel attached on this holder works easily to supply power to charing the lithium battery.

    Solar Panel Fixer (Elastic Polymer Line with Plastic Ball)

    1 set contains 2pcs, total weight: 20g/0.7oz Line length of 1 fixer : 76 cm (30 in)


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