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5.8 GHz 1W Amplifier

Model Number: APW-1000

  • Extends transmission range of 5.8 GHz wireless RF operating devices.
  • Switching power regulator built-in.
  • Weather-proof.
  • Widely used in wireless AV and surveillance industries.
  • Ideal for Industrial/Commercial environment.


    • Designed for extending range of 5.8 GHz wireless RF operating devices.
    • Great power booster in co-working with RF-Link’s 5.8 GHz 4-channel, 8-channel module, and some audio/video transmission systems.
    • Built-in switching power regulator.
    • Ideal in boosting power for OEM/ODM design in AV transmission and surveillance industries.
    • Robust and durable housing design.
    • Weather-proof.
    • Perfect for use in an Industrial/Commercial outdoor environment.

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